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When We Met ALF!

Updated 9th, Barp 2010

Welcome to Barp! This month in ALF & Me I share our story of when we went to the taping of two episodes of ALF’s Hit Talk Show an unforgettable experience to say the least it really did make Disneyland look like a poor show the following day!

You can read the full story here

I have also added the ALF The Big Bang Theory and Chuck clips to the Melmac Clips section, have a look here if you didn’t see them last month.



Last Months ALF News

ALF Gave Rock ‘n’ Roll To You!

Updated 19th, Barp 2010

I swear you have never seen anything like this before! Straight from the rocking planet Melmac comes KISS ALF!

My good friend Alex made this for my birthday in 1996. I must admit I had no idea that it was going to be a custom made KISS ALF when I unwrapped it, who would! I love it, it’s an awesome piece of work and sits at the very top of my ALF collection.

I contacted Alex with some questions about the making of KISS ALF and this is what he had to say...

Hi Alex, thanks for talking to Bring Back ALF, we have a few questions for
you about the KISS ALF that you created.

Bring Back ALF: How did you come up with the idea of making a KISS ALF?

Alex: This was at the time of my best friends (and your web master here at Bring Back ALF') true ALF fandom, plus we always liked to find something original for each others birthday that would be out of the ordinary. Whilst we liked different things, the theme was the same as friends with comic books
and a lot of rock 'n' roll'!  I found the vintage KISS patch shown sewn to his chest at a local flea market/boot fair and that sparked the design straight off!
I pictured the whole thing in that moment and managed to pick a large ALF
plush up around the same time and went to work!

Bring Back ALF: Were you a fan of the ALF show?!

Alex: I remembered it well, but wasn't a big fan, about a 10th of what Mark
was (and still is). But I had more fun in trying to find items for his collection (remember, pre internet days made 'search and find' a whole a lot more fun when it you actually managed to find stuff!). I think I actually had more of a great time doing impressions of ALF and having a laugh about it and Marks obsession. Finding a rubber ALF Halloween mask in California on a visit was a highlight for laffs!

Bring Back ALF: What did you use to make him and where did you find them?

Alex: Charity shops/thrift stores, markets and so on. Material paint for the
white and paint and pens for the black. An old pair of 1980's ladies leather 'rock' boots formed the actual outfit. Cutting them up for the lace up leggings, shoulder pads etc. It was more the time taken that was consuming, but worth it. Great fun to bring together though as I had the idea so firmly fixed and I love the imagery of Kiss, Alice Cooper and that sort of thing, always had done and found myself laughing while I made it!

Bring Back ALF: How long did it take to make?

Alex: in total, probably about 10-12 hours, including drying times etc.
And i'm not exactly the fastest seamstress, haha!

Bring Back ALF: Any ideas for future "special edition ALF's"?

Alex: Now that would be up to the fans! The universe of gaming and comic books has opened up hugely since I created 'KISS ALF', no plans for now, but if someone out there with a little imagination wants something done on commission?...i don't see why Jake Sully from Avatar can't be seen infiltrating an alien planet again....'ALF-STYLE'!!!

So there you have it, the one and only KISS ALF! If you have an idea for a custom made ALF or already own a custom ALF then let me know, I and many other ALF fans would love to see some photos.

I have added more and larger images of KISS ALF to the Merchandise section here.



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