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Updated 1st, Orring 2010

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Goody!Goody! Goody!

Welcome to Bring Back ALF a website dedicated to Alien Life Form ALF. I’m really excited to share my stories about ALF, I have been a fan since 1987 and over that time ALF has made quite an impact on me and I still think he is one of the funniest characters ever to be on television. There will be lots more content added to this site but for the moment you can enjoy…

Melmac Clips: Here i’m attempting to find all the post ALF Sitcom appearances, got a rare ALF clip that you want to share? Send it in.

ALF Face: Know someone with a big nose and orange fur?! Share it on this page!

Merchandise: Want to see the world’s biggest ALF collection or want to share photos of your Melmac stuff, then it’s worth looking here.

DVDs: Want to buy an ALF season box set? Here are links to every ALF DVD available.

Episodes: Check out my episode guide with unique facts and furry paw ratings!

ALF & Me: I Love ALF! Find out more of my Melmac memories.

I will also be introducing ALF sightings where im looking out for ALF appearances or mentions in currant TV programmes.

If you want to chat about ALF click on the ALF chat button on the righthand side and join the excellent ALFtv forum.

I hope you enjoy visiting this site, please feel free to send me some feedback, good or bad!

Bring Back ALF… No Problem!

See you next month





Updated 9th, Orring 2010

Hot of the heels of ALF’s Big Bang Theory “guest appearance” comes ALF in Chuck!

Cody this one’s for you!

Have you seen an Alien Life Form, if so let me know

Come on Bring Back ALF!



Updated 8th, Orring 2010

Thanks to everyone that has visited Bring Back ALF in the last week or so, I had some good positive feedback from ALF fans all over the world.

Here is a good example of an “ALF Sighting” sent in by Long Dog.

ALF makes a surprise “guest appearance” on season 3 episode 17 of The Big Bang Theory. I know he wasn’t actually on the show but its still great to see him get some laughs and a mention from the great furry orange one!

Thanks Long Dog, keep em coming!

Have you seen an Alien Life Form, if so let me know

see you soon


ALF stuff!

Updated 22nd, Orring 2010

John Weems sent over some more photos of his amazing ALF collection, im pretty sure this must be the biggest ALF collection around and are those really ALF Christmas lights?!

Check out all the photos here

Thanks John!


Max Wright in NYC!

Updated 29th, Orring 2010

Any ALF fans going to NYC this summer could be in for a bit of a surprise as Willie Tanner himself aka actor Max Wright is appearing in the Shakespeare In The Park series of rotating plays. Max Wright appears in The Merchant of Venice and The Winter’s Tale.

The plays are free to attend and a full schedule can be found here

Max Wright in the park, Hungry Like The Wolf anyone? :-)


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